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When you’re looking to excel in a particular area or face a particular challenge in your life and want to develop your expertise to be a better performer, then targeted coaching is right for you. The purpose of targeted coaching is to help you understand and overcome a specific challenge or take advantage of an opportunity. Targeted Coaching is a learning and development strategy that combines learning with life’s challenges, and thinking in a way that quickly yields understanding and expertise, rapidly and comprehensively.

Targeted Coaching Programmes are delivered on a one-to-one basis, depending on the subject area, but may also be delivered in breakthrough sessions. In a breakthrough coaching session, you will focus on a specific area in your life in which you are having difficulties. A one-time session like this can be useful for issues such as goal setting, procrastination, time management, setting priorities, managing a crisis or conflict situation, your career, or a relationship, clear your mind of specific courses of action, deal with indecision or self-sabotage, or prepare for a crucial conversation.

How do coaching sessions work?

The first step during a coaching session is to determine the matter at hand, specify the desired result, and find out if there are any obstacles.

  1. During this session, the primary work will be focused on that one point (the intention set at the outset).

  2. Consequently, analyze all obstacles, thought patterns, and behavior that you might have been able to rely on in the past to survive. But as you have learned, they are not helping you with your new venture.

  3. Thirdly, How can you change things to make sure you get the situation that you now want or the results that you now deserve in your life?

Benefits of Short Term Coaching

  • This is a focused coaching program that targets 1-2 key issues for becoming a better leader.

  • During the coaching process, participants and coaches maintain complete confidentiality.

  • The individual's confidence and engagement increase, benefiting both the individual and the employer

  • During a Breakthrough Session, it will be easy to change things that are keeping you back, so you can reach your goals quickly, easily, and comfortably.

  • Targeted Coaching breakthrough Sessions provide you with a customized and confidential plan to achieve your goals and vision, both personally and professionally.

  • Identify the real underlying unconscious cause of current behavior & results (and fix it!).

  • With this targeted coaching, you can free yourself from the negative emotions of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt & Guilt of the past, which are currently keeping you stuck.

  • Help to get rid of your limiting beliefs that are limiting your success (e.g. not good enough, afraid of rejection, fear of failure)

  • Establish clear goals for what is important to you and make sure you attain them.

  • With the help of targeted coaching, you can stop your brain controlling you and instead lead your behavior in support of the goals that are most important to you.

  • Identify recurrent patterns in your life – it is time to stop them – it is time to regain control.

  • Manage conflicts internally that drain you and you will find it much easier to get clarity and make decisions.

  • Help in clear up your thinking so that you have more energy to spend on the things that matter to you.

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