Mountain Ridge


I have always been interested in people it seems everyone in this has problems, some have a lot while others have few. Can they be avoided? and how? What is my [your] role? Through my own journey of recovery I found a lot of helpful modalities. The aim is to face challenges spiritually and tactically to achieve goals and find peace all the while meeting yourself where you are! 

In Ramsey's life coaching class I realized that I don't have a master's degree in psychology to help people. He gave me a nugget of gold I can't forget and that is, if it's true for me it's likely true for someone else. Between break through sessions and spiritual discernment I know I can help you manage and better understand challenges you want to change or overcome.


Coaching is where it starts, not every program is the one that will work for all, but there are some really good guides that will help figure out where to begin, and how to REDEFINE your PERCEPTIONS. So that you can live the best life you possibly can.

Kain and I think similarly with respect to if IT (something) isn't working, move on! 

​Everyone Deserves Happy. I’m here to provide the best possibility of achieving real satisfaction and happiness.

I offer to share all the methods and strategies that I have learned so that YOU can find balance and happiness in life too!